Single origin coffee is on the rise – but for those who do not know what it is this article is for you! Single origin coffee has many forms or names like single farm, single estate, microlot or simply just single origin, but what do they all mean? What difference does it make? Is it important? Well here at Dick’s Bean Bar we hope to answer all these questions in this blog post! 

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Single origin is a coffee that’s sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. You can even find coffees that take this one step further where they will be referred to as Single Farm/Estate where all the coffee is sourced from one crop producer in one location. Why is single origin coffee so popular? Well there are many reasons for this some of which include the taste, the traceability and in some cases sustainability and fair trade. As the growing conditions dictate how the coffee tastes when roasted and brewed to your requirements the variations in single origin coffees are vast, each with its own distinct taste which in many ways has helped the growing trend in specialty coffees. Consumers are turning their backs on blends and the lack of knowledge that are associated with them, consumers now want to know more about the product they are buying and where it it sourced, grown and how it is grown, something only single origin can offer. 

Single origin coffee as a rule produces a higher quality cup of coffee due to many factors, from the growing conditions to the way that it is roasted. Farmers are increasingly aware that the coffee they produce needs to be top quality as it will no longer be blended with other beans but served direct to the end user, thus driving change to the way coffee is produced and farmed for the better. In a market that also asks for every increasing transparency and knowledge farmers and coffee producers are disclosing ever increasing amounts of information about how they produce the coffee and its distinct tastes. 

Quality over quantity – single origin coffee costs more to produce and this cost is reflected in the price you will pay in most cases, for those that love it, it’s a small price to pay for a decent cup of coffee! The difference in taste from blended coffee is apparent from the first sip to the last!

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