If you drink as much coffee as we do here at Dick’s Bean Bar you are probably left with quite a lot of waste coffee grounds and more often than not people throw these in the bin without a second thought, but what if there was ways to stop these filling up your bin and being put to good use? Well we are going to tell you just a few ways that you can recycle your coffee grounds!


Adding coffee grounds helps to add nitrogen to your compost pile, but it does come with a caution label – coffee grounds will be classed as “green compostables” so ensure that you balance this out with “brown compostables” – you can find more information about these at Gardening Data by clicking here


Adding coffee grounds directly to your flower beds adds organic material to the soil which can aid with drainage and aeration of the soil but it also attracts worms! If you are hoping to get more nitrogen into your soil you might want to consider using the coffee grounds in your compost rather than as a fertiliser as adding them as a fertiliser will not immediately add nitrogen to your soil. 

Pest Control 

Rumour has it that cats do not like to use your flower beds as their personal toilet if it has coffee grounds on it, and neither do slugs or snails! Keep these under control while the humble earth worm loves coffee grounds – so keeping 3 pests at bay while encouraging one that helps the garden in one foul swoop!

Health & Beauty

With reported uses from everything from dandruff management to dry skin exfoliation there are apparently lots of beauty uses for coffee grounds! As this is not our area of expertise we will let you see these on Bunn by clicking here


No sadly coffee grounds will not run round the house doing all of the house work if left unattended…..but they do have uses such as helping remove suborn food stains due to their abrasive nature, and also absorb bad smells from your fridge if left in an open tub at the back of the fridge for a week or two! 

The chances to recycle your coffee grounds are as numerous as there are cups of coffee to be had in the day, we cannot list them all! So why not do something with yours from today and stop sending them in plastic bags to landfill!  

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