Life Is To Short For Bad Coffee

So here at Dick’s we only serve the best! We have tried and tested lots of different beans from around the globe and you will find no blends or cheap imitations here only pure single origin at its best! We also sell whole beans or ground to your requirements so you can also enjoy the best Dick’s at home! From time to time Dick’s Bean Bar will have “guest” coffees available to buy, but day to day Cuban Serrano is our main bean that is used.

Cuban Serrano is our main day to day coffee that you will experience when buying from Dick’s Bean Bar. The Caribbean produces excellent quality coffee thanks to the trade winds. These circulate from the Atlantic and cools the tropical, humid climate. The Sierra Maestra mountain range is rich in copper, manganese, chromium and iron which gives the beans their unique flavour profile. The coffee is grown in natural shade and harvested from July to December. It is wet processed before gently and naturally dried in the sun. In the cup Cuban can be taken with or without milk and has a pleasantly smooth creamy body. A nice touch of sweetness gives a finishing touch to this exclusive Cuban experience.

Kenyan coffee will never fail to excite the taste buds and this beautiful new crop from the heart of the Kenyan jungle microclimate is certainly no exception. Combining the best of the African taste profile, a strong aroma of blackcurrant is present when the beans have just been roasted. Once brewed, a sweet cinder toffee and nutmeg spice can be subtly picked up. Kenya Blue Mountain is the name given to the region that is known for outstanding coffee crops year after year. The Jungle estate is in the heart of this illustrious place – whether or not there really is a Blue Mountain is a mystery!

Santos is a beautiful coastal city in southern Brazil’s São Paulo state, founded in 1546. It has a population of over 400,000. The city has the port to thank for its current wealth, as the exportation of coffee from here in the 20th century greatly contributed to its fame. Brazil is responsible for around 25% of the worlds coffee, making it one of the largest producers, a title it has held for the last 150 years. Brazilian coffee is described to be well balanced, with a variety of smooth sweetness and tart, fruity acidity.

Introduced by the Dutch in 1696, Java is a classic full-bodied coffee. The cherry is wet hulled, which is how it gets the earthiness characteristic. During the drying process, the bean is prematurely hulled from its parchment/skin. The process is in place to get the bean to market faster. For this, Java, Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. Typically, the less you roast beans the more you can taste the natural flavours of the green bean – this is new generation of coffee whereby the delicate nuances each bean acquires are more important than just a daily caffeine hit.